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The Saga of Jabberwocky

Robert Scott

Are we to suppose, after all, that the Saga of Jabberwocky is one of the universal heirlooms which the Aryan race at its dispersion carried with it from the great cradle of the family? You really must consult Max Müller about this. It begins to be probable that the origo originalissima may be discovered in Sanscrit, and that we shall by and by have a Iabrivokaveda. The hero will turn out to be the Sun-God in one of the Avatars; and the Tumtum tree the great Ash ygdrasil of the Scandinavian mythology.

--Robert Scott, letter to Dodgson

Collingwood, S. D. The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll. Macmillan, 1898.

Robert Scott was Dodgson's co-author of the Greek Lexicon, first published in 1843. Scott also published in February 1872 "Der Jammerwoch", a German translation of "Jabberwocky", which he (jokingly) claimed to be the original, with Carroll/Dodgson's English version being the translation.


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