keith's Postcard Collection


Canadian Mountie Canadian Mounted Police. Verily, mine eyes have look'd upon The Canonical Postcard Of Canada.

Fraser Valley Fraser Valley. Yea, though I walk through the valley of brightness, I will fear no evil, for I'm the baddest @#$%& in the place.

Salmon grounds Lillooet, B. C. Hey kids, why not enter the Spot The Salmon contest!? Just put an "X" on the spot where you think the salmon is.

Skytrain Skytrain, Greater Vancouver. Never mind if it isn't built yet; the merchandising can be sold first. Just use an "artist's impression" instead of a photo.

Harrison Hot Springs Harrison Hot Springs. Actually, this is a postcard of the much larger and colder pool outside the resort.

Province House Province House, Prince Edward Island. Surprisingly, not a word about the rituals the Parliamentary representatives hold around the sacred boulders.

Canoe Cove Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Island. Granted, it does look good, but still, there was no need for the caption writer to be quite so enthusiastic.

National Gallery National Gallery, Ottawa. Shades of I. M. Pei's pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, only nicer.

Bella Coola Highway Bella Coola Highway. And next week, us hardy, intrepid explorers-of-fortune are going to drive on a non-paved road!!!

Mafia Vancouver. The Mafia has taken over British Columbia and turned all the government offices into pasta restaurants and cappucino bars. It had to happen sometime.

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