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The CRAP Collection (Miscellaneous files)

The CRAP Chronicles

Prologue: The Beginning, by Ryan
Now it can be told! The shocking true story of how SFU's premier superhero troupe came to be.

Episode 1: The Saga Continues, by Ryan
When an innocent Kinesiology student's basketball falls into the Engineers' Pit, guess who's on hand to help out. CRAP's very first heroic mission.

Episode 2: Tedminal Velocity, by Kaye and Ryan
Ted Man's attempt to crash Darth goes horribly wrong, and pulls in other members of CRAP too. Part 1 of an exciting two-parter!

Episode 3: The Lost Episode, by Ryan
While Ted Man tries to figure out how to extricate himself and his fellow CRAP teammmates from their predicament, Ryan tries to figure out the exact same thing.

Episode 4: Green Gem, by keith
What's up? Well, the jade boulder in the pond is, for one thing. How? Why? Should people be worried? It doesn't matter, as long as it gives CRAP a reason to investigate the mystery instead of doing their homework. The start of the thrilling series "The Dark Heart of Campus".

Episode 5: Quadratic Field of Dreams, by Kaye, Erick, & Ryan
Our heroes' attempt to figure out the cause of the levitating gem goes awry, as a few careless words scatters them across the world. Comic mayhem ensues as the CRAPmeisters find that their superpowers are useless against a sudden attack of silliness among the writers.

Episode 6: Nexus Perplexus, by Grant, Susan, Ryan, Erick, & Kaye
As the boundaries between universes begin to weaken, so in inverse proportion does everyone slowly begin to discover how tenuous reality is--and gradually figure out the source of all the mysterious events taking place. Great family entertainment not to be missed!

Episode 7: ???, by ??? (Coming soon)
The final showdown with the Dark Heart of Campus. Parental guidance is advised.

The current CRAPSHOOTER (CRAPSHOOT Editor and Researcher) is keith. You can email him with CRAP stuff--comments, suggestions, new stories or pictures, sound bites, etc., to complement existing stories--almost anything will do. Remember, this is CRAP.